Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) still face distinctive challenges to ensure sustainable livelihoods for their current population as well as future generations. One of these challenges relates to energy – the access to affordable, clean energy, the reliable supply of sustainable energy and the efficient use of energy – as expressed also in the Sustainable Development Goal #7

Despite a large potential for the production of renewable energy, the availability and cost-effectiveness of existing technologies, many SIDS still show a heavy reliance on fossil fuels to meet their energy demands. Besides a lack of skilled human resources that constrains the implementation of sustainable energy technologies for SIDS, there is a need for well-formulated policies, regulations and standards in the energy sector. Here, policy-makers play a key role in fostering the transition towards a higher share of sustainable energy in curent energy regimes.

Our online course “Sustainable Energy for SIDS (policy-maker edition)” seeks to inspire you to explore and assess the opportunities that renewable and sustainable energy-efficient energy technologies offer for SIDS.

This course will help you to think carefully and critically about current energy systems, energy use, and energy policies. It illustrates through practical examples how policy-making and the implementation of appropriate technologies may greatly improve energy access, energy security and energy efficiency in SIDS.


This interdisciplinary course is a stand-alone course for policy-makers and master students from related disciplines (e.g. policy or development economics). It can be taken parallel to work or study over a period of five weeks. The work load is equivalent to an estimated 2-3 hours per course week, depending on how deep you indulge in the material, discussion and interaction with other learners. By passing the final assignment, a certificate of completion will be awarded.


This online course offers an interdisciplinary perspective on sustainable energy production and use as well as related policies, regulations and standars found in Small Island Developing States. It introduces you to a broad spectrum of energy- but also policy-related topics, for example sustainable energy production, energy access and energy security, energy efficiency and energy management, appropriate renewable energy sources as well as policies, initiatives and programs. The course invites you to discuss and share ideas, opinions and knowledge with learners from all over the world and seeks to inspire you self-develop a small solution for promoting sustainable energy in SIDS.

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